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Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit JP22-12V-23.88

Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit JP22-12V-23.88

    • Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit  JP22-12V-23.88
    • Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit  JP22-12V-23.88
  • Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit  JP22-12V-23.88

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Robot
    Certification: 22
    Model Number: Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit JP22-12V-23.88

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 2
    Price: 27
    Packaging Details: Carton
    Delivery Time: 2 work days
    Supply Ability: 2666
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    Detailed Product Description

    Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit JP22-12V-23.88,New,Dongguan Robot Automation Co.,ltd. inkmotor@163com.  Accept 1-2 pcs order


    TE16KJ2-12-384 completed set of Ink Key
    TE-16SJ2-12-576 Motor,Ink key assembly Ryobi 524GX Ryobi 920
    TE-16KJ2-12-864NT Motor,Ink key assembly(For Ryobi 520)
    TE-20FC-24-150, for the Hamada a452p printing machine
    Geared Motor TE-16KJ2-12-576 For Ryobi 524GX(Special completed)
    Motor TE-35QC-24-300& TE-35QG-24-10

    INK KEY MOTOR FOR RYOBI 922& 924 &754 & 755& 5UTR-MO-02
    Ink Motor Assy-5UTR-MO-02 Ryobi 926 CX
    Motor for 5UTR-1879-1
    Ink motor/PC Board for Ryobi 924&5UTR-1879-1
    Ink motor for Ryobi 925 Litho press 2006 model
    Ryobi Spare parts-control PC board(Ryboi 680&524&75&92) number:6554 66 731-1

    IG-16GM-THR For Ryobi 864,Ink key assembly Ryobi 524HXX
    JP16-12V-62.66,Ink key assembly Ryobi 524
    JP22-12V-107.58 Ink key assembly
    JP22-12V-23.88 Ink Key Assembly and motors(the Komori Printing Press)
    RA-20GM-SD3 Ink key assembly,for Mitsubishi
    Mitsubishi PC-Board: RZA0493

    Copal Potentiometer M1303 5 K,M1305-5K,M1305-2K,
    VALVE CKD 4KB319-00-LS-DC24V.
    CKD SCA2-B-63K
    CKD 4SA119-C4-C2
    K20PS25-200DP(Komori Printer)

    Sakurai Spare parts:
    Micro geared motor 904-227-900A DC24V DC24V
    Micro geared motorTE-22FH-24-200
    Sakurai PC-board CA30165C//circuit board-CA30165C/Sakurai Press
    Potentiometer for Sakurai
    PCB Cable with Sakurai board

    Shinohara Offset Parts:
    Potentiometer COPAL M22E10 2K- Shinohara /M22S10 COPAL POTENTIOMETER
    Sagami Mircro 2230U For Shinohara 52 IV&66 IV &75V
    CKD Valve 4SA119-C4-C2
    Sagami micro geared motor 2230U 12v/24v for Shinohara 75V
    Copal Motor LS22G-100 for Shinohara 74& 52
    DC MOTOR S-2230-U 12 V For Shinohara 74 Prinint Machine
    DC Geared motor RB350075-30Y01R/RB350075-30Y02R motor For SHINOHARA 75 VH
    Shinohara Printing 52-- 4B3100-9801-03 24CH Board
    Sagami Micro Geared Motor 3633W For Shinohara 66/75/79
    Shinohara Printer Parts-CYPLAX MOTOR CAZ60-251-TW01 DC24V- LJ536

    Ink circuit board:
    Sakurai board CA30165C//circuit board-CA30165C/Sakurai Press
    AKIYAMA Board IST-5151A-1
    Original-Shinohara circuit board:24CH CPU 4B3100-9801-03
    Shinohara circuit board:4B3100-9701-04 4CH CPU
    Ryobi Ink board for TE16KM-12-384/576(PCB)
    Ryobi Ink circuit board for RYOBI 680&750&920
    Circuit board has sticker TN16114 (Printer RMGT 920 8 col)
    Roland Spare Parts-Ink key completely C37M811335

    Heidelberg Ink Key Motor:
    61.144.1111/02 24V
    61.186.5311/03(Heidelberg SM52,CD102,SM74)
    Heidelberg Spare Part CD102 Frontly Geared Motor 61.144.1111/02
    61.144.1111 Motor SM102 CD102 SM74 Machine Engine


    Ink Key motor Completely LA22G-370VC 24V Akiyama BT.ST Series
    LA22G-370VC INK key assembly Akiyama JP440(Qiushang)
    LA22G-370VC for Shinohara 74 Printing Parts
    AKIYAMA Board IST-5151A-1

    DG22G-H7G1B For B452A HAMADA
    Heidelberg Motor 61.186.5311/03
    P50B05020DXS20/P50B05020DXS00 Sanyo Denki Motor
    Denki operatore remotor RP-001
    Sanyo Denki PU0A015EM61S03
    FAN SANYO DENKI model 109R1224H102 DC24V

    GA230B For Mitsubishi Diamond V3000
    Komori ink key motor cable with connector(Xiaosen)
    Komori Printer parts-Oil Seal-L426 428 528(30x42MM)
    Carbon Vanes for Orion Pump KRX-5(95*38*5 mm)

    Complete Ink Key Motor&Completed unit JP22-12V-23.88

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    Tel: 00-86-13713124804

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